The third and the last Tour in the Finnish Indoor Championship series was played last weekend. While Otso had already secured the spot in the final, Otso2 still had a chance to fight its way to the bronze game. Both teams played in the same division for the first time this winter, and everyone was eager to witness the battle of the bears.

The weekend was characterized by small rosters and injuries, making the Tour even tougher than the previous ones. The awaited encounter of Otsos was the first match of the weekend. Otso2 started strong by taking one break point in the beginning, but Otso evened it out by taking another one in the end of the first half. In the second half Otso kept its game solid, and with two more breaks the victory over an intensive game to Otso 14-12.

The second game of the day was a bleak moment for Otso. Way too many unforced errors for the bears, which UFO was not afraid to take advantage of, and the first loss of the indoor season for Otso, 13-15.

The second day offered two tough games against the most prominent opponent candidates for the Final. In the first game Saints gave a good fight, but Otso took the game 15-11. In the second game Terror once again ran hard and performed well, but even with six guys Otso managed to take the necessary breaks, winning the game 15-12, and taking the third title in the series!

After the game against Otso, Otso2 had to admit another defeat against Terror in a tight game, ending 13-15. However, on the second day Otso2 stepped up their game, taking victories against Saints (15-12) and UFO (15-13). And in the end, Otso2 took the second place in the last Tour! Unfortunately, though, they didn't get enough points in the overall ranking to make it to the bronze game.

Otso2 also dominated this Tour's player ranking, with the dynamic duo Lassi Kallio and Tomi Sandberg in the lead, taking 33 and 29 points in four games. Also Roni Hotari was on fire, with 19 points in only two games!

The Finals are played 21.3. in Pasila, Helsinki. See you there!
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The 37th edition of Skogs Winter Trophy - The Farewell Edition is held this weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden. The toughest indoor tournament is now organized for the last time, and Otso honors the occasion by attending with a roster extraordinaire. Some of the bears have already collected a notable amount of trophies from Skogs (just a few of them in the pic), but lately they have been mostly silvery. This year, with a top seed, Otso targets to excel and claim the brightest trophy from a tournament which will undoubtedly be remembered!
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The second Finnish championship Tour is finished. Otso participated again with four teams: Otso, Otso2, Karhukopla and the junior team Otso3. Otso won the first Tour making it one of the favorites for the finals. Otso2 had a goal to rise from the B-division to A-division but lost to Turku terror in a hard-fought battle, so we made a few tactical trades between the two teams. Ilkka Vaahtoranta, Ilkka Rämö and Erkka Niini would go and play with Otso, and the youngsters Tomi Sandberg, Lassi Kallio and Roni Hotari would play with Otso2 and try to win and make it to A-division.

Here's how it turned out for Otso2.
First game was against UFBG from Vantaa. We knew it was not going to be an easy victory. Otso2 dominated the first half and especially Jussi Kitusuo made some nice D's outrunning the opponent. Also Lassi Kallio dominated the air in D and Roni Hotari was the "tallest" guy in O. Game 15-9 for Otso2.
Second game against Helsinki ultimate team. Again we knew that our opponent can play good ultimate which didn't want them to do! Otso2 showed the pace of the game right from the start and didn't give our rival team even a chance. Good effort from team that took the win in C-division in the first tour. This weekend's first and last Callahan goal: Mr. Tomi Sandberg showed us how it's done! Two wins on Saturday and we were right where we wanted, on our way to A-division that is...
Sunday's first game against Disquitos from Oulu showed us that when a "weaker" team plays good together anything can happen. Disquitos gave us a nice opponent but couldn't match our hard defense and game speed.
Last game of the weekend was the one we all were expecting for: a local match between Otso2 and Karhukopla. Familiar faces fighting against each other for the spot in A-division. The game start was totally rude, halftime 8-1 for Otso2. The best game for us this weekend. We kept our focus throughout the game and took an easy-looking victory over Karhukopla. Our team really improved during the weekend and as a result... Victory with a clean sheet! Like our coach said before the first game: "we don't need any heroes in this team" and we sure didn't. Ultimate is a team sport and we played great as team!
With Otso winning the second Tour in A-division the third Finnish championship Tour will be even more interesting with two tough Otso teams competing for a place in the finals.

Wish you all Otso followers good and hard-running practices before the outdoor season. Stay healthy and train hard!

Roni #34
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Seven games, five victories and a 5th place from last ever Wintertrophy. Big thanks to all organizers, opponents and fellow party people on the dance floor and congrats to Ultimateseura Atletico for bringing home the women's trophy to Finland for the last time! #RIPWintertrophy #goodmemories #viimaultimate ... Näytä lisääPiilota

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