Last weekend was the official start of the National Indoor Championships in Finland. Otso had three teams competing in the first Tour across Finland: Otso, Hukka and Otso 3. All filled with superstars and soon-to-be superstars.


Otso, with the sole objective to win all the games in all three Tours and the National Championship title, played Tour 1 in the top division in Lammi, a small town between Hämeenlinna and Lahti. The timetable was favourable for Otso: the first game started at 2 pm, which seemed to favour the well experienced team. First opponent was a hard running team Terror from Turku. Otso managed to gain the upper hand early in the match. Birthday boy Niini made his career’s first Callahan goal in the third point giving the team advantage that eventually led to victory. Final score 15-12 for Otso.

Second and the last game on Saturday was against a familiar team UFO from Tampere. Teams exchanged points pretty evenly till 6-5 for Otso. At that point, however, Otso put the pedal to the metal and sped away to victory. Ending score 15-8 for Otso.

The 10 am game on Sunday was against a young talented team from Lempäälä, LeKi. Otso played a practice game against them on previous weekend, and was already familiar with the hard running game the youngsters bring on every time they put on the jerseys. The game came down to the beginning of the second half, which Otso managed to start by four consecutive break points. Ending score 11-15 for Otso.

Last game of the weekend was against the reigning indoor champion Vaasa Saints. Rematch from last spring’s indoor final advanced in Otso’s command, Otso taking the first half 4-8. Vaasa put up a good fight on the second half but that wasn’t good enough. Otso for the win 10-15.
All in all, a very good and fun weekend for the Otso team. It was fun to watch the clinical performance of the zen-masters TK and Stidi. Also our super-speeder Touko showed his uncatchable speed. OT-SO!!!


Hukka started the Indoor Championships in the second division, with the aim of advancing to the first division. After an early morning wake-up and a six-hour drive to Kokkola, Hukka immediately put on the game face when encountering LUC in the first match. In advance it was known that LUC from Lahti is a collection of a few newer players and some familiar faces from other teams. The first half was quickly over, with Hukka in the lead 8-2. On the second half LUC found a bit more connections within their team, but Hukka gave no mercy, ending the game 15-8.

Hukka met the second opponent, Disquitos, a few months back in a practice tournament, so their playing style and match ups were still fresh in our minds. With a solid and strong performance Hukka won the game without problems 15-7.

The second day started with an anticipated encounter with a well known rival from Helsinki: Team, who had also won both games on the first day. Even though they played with only six guys, these young fellows sure didn’t show their fatigue. Instead, they just kept running like there’s no tomorrow and played their brave and fast game, managing to take the first half 6-8. For Hukka this was unacceptable, and in the second half Hukka kicked in the final gear and put the defense on the level where it needs to be if one desires to play in the first division. Team didn’t give up without a fight, but Hukka stubbornly kept getting breaks. Definitely the toughest game of the weekend ended with a victory 15-12!

The last game of the tournament was against UFBG late in the Sunday night. Unfortunately the opponent had no substitutes, and some injuries, so Hukka with a ten-player roster already had an advantage over the exhausted UFBG. Nevertheless, Hukka didn’t drop the level, but finished the game quickly 15-3. Respect for UFBG for fighting till the end regardless of the setbacks.

The weekend for Hukka was nothing short of a success, since in the next tournament Hukka will be challenging the teams in the top division, including Otso!


Otso 3’s goal is to rise as high as possible during the indoor season, and provide responsibility and game time to newer players. Starting from the fourth division, Otso 3 played a six-game round robin tournament in Laukaa. Having players with various backgrounds and very little practice as a whole team, the beginning was tough. After losing the first game to Polli, Otso 3 had their toughest game against Team Haudat, which ended with a devastating loss in a universe point. After to defeats Otso 3 found the guts again, and took four easy victories against JSW 2, WWW, JSW 3 and Terror 2. During the tournament Otso 3 managed to find the necessary connections, and in the end there wasn’t just a bunch of individuals, but a team playing together! And that was rewarded with a spot in the third division in the next tournament!

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Winter season is starting and this time with a really nice blast! Say hello for our two fresh and new head coaches!!! BOOM! Tomppa and Jamo has been helping on the coaching for few years now and we are really glad and excited to C them in real action! ... Näytä lisääPiilota

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Temperature close to zero. Field is frozen.

Great first game against Heidees. The momentum changed from side to side and either of the teams could have won. Otso managed to get the few blocks in the end and take the very important win.

Second game was easy win from Brighton and the team was able to use all 21 players against Brighton's small roster.

Pool winner and the team to advance to pre-quarters was left to be decided against FUJ from Prague. Game started really even but Otso's defence just wasn't able to get blocks against the FUJ's offence.

Tomorrow we'll fight for the best seed we can get. New day. #otsoultimate
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Viima aloitti SM-sarjan tänä viikonloppuna neljällä tiukalla pelillä. Lauantaina ensin oli vastassa Ufo Moro, joka vei voiton viimeisessä pisteessä 12-13. Päivän toisessa matsissa vastassa oli Helsinki ultimate, joka onnistui pitämään heti pelin alussa saamansa parin pisteen etumatkan. Peli Helsinki ultimatelle 10-13.

Sunnuntai aamuna Viiman peli oli huomattavasti selkeämpää ja ensimmäinen vastus Team Rusa kaatui lukemin 7-15. Toisessa matsissa Viima taisteli voitosta loppuun asti, mutta Atletico onnistui viemään kiekon ensimmäisenä maaliin tilanteessa 14-14. Peli Atleticolle 14-15.

Kaiken kaikkeaan viikonlopun pelit olivat tasaista taistoa viiden jengin kesken ja voitot menivät ristiin. Voittajana selviytyi Helsinki ultimate ja B-sarjasta seuraavalla tourilla lisää vauhtia hakee Viima.

Tällä kertaa näin. Talvi etenee, kelit kylmenee ja Viima vahvistuu.
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Sisäkauden ensimmäinen treenimatsi takana. Kiitos reilusta ja kovasta vastuksesta Team Rusa!
Vielä muutama viikko aikaa saada heitot ja kuviot kuntoon ennen SM Tour 1:stä, joka pelataan 28.-29.11..
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Nice and sunny weekend in Oulu is now over. Fourth place for Viima and a lot of good experience for our old and new players. This means that we'll play in the bronze game in few weeks! VII-MA! ... Näytä lisääPiilota

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