The fight for the National Indoor Championship began this weekend with Tour 1. On Saturday Otso beat UFO and LeKi without bigger problems. On Sunday Otso faced tougher challenges, first against its training buddy Karhukopla, and second against last year's final opponent Saints. In the end neither of them could stop Otso, and so, without losses, Otso took the leading position after the first Tour! The two upcomig Tours next year will then define who will play in the final next spring. ... Näytä lisääPiilota

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A week ago Otso participated in European Ultimate Club Championship Finals in Frankfurt, Germany. Three days of tough games against the Europe's finest teams closed the outdoor season for Otso, with a well deserved 7th place!

Thanks to winning the northern regionals a month earlier, Otso started in the elite division, meaning the top 8 teams. Otso's pool consisted of familiar teams who we had met already this summer: Clapham Ultimate (UK), Bad Skid (GER) and Iznogood (FRA).

In the first game Otso got the opportunity to challenge the best team in Europe. Clapham started strong right from the first point, taking a 5-0 lead. After a disastrous beginning, Otso started to wake up and score points, but the Brits made sure that there was no coming back: game to Clapham 15-8.

The second pool game against Iznogood was expected to be tighter, since we had already won them in Windmill earlier this year. With a tight defence Otso nailed down the opponent's key players, and took a break after another. Iznogood fought back well, but also this time Otso came out stronger: final score 15-12.

The final game of the day was an expected encounter against Bad Skid. Otso had lost to the athletic Germans in Lecco, after leading the game till the very end. We were hungry to take back the victory, and despite the fatigue we were determined to give all we had to win the game. In the beginning the teams traded points, and only in the end of the first half Bad Skid was able to take the first break point. Otso started the second half strong by taking a break. Bad Skid managed to find one more extra gear and soon took their second break. The rest of the game went neck on neck by trading points, and so Bad Skid managed to win also this time, with the score 15-13. Despite the loss, Otso played one of the best games of the season. The game was filled with athletic plays and hard man defence all the way from the first point to the last. These are definitely the games that Otso seeks to play on the international fields, and we cannot wait for the next chance to challenge these German boys.

With only one win, Otso had to play the pre-quarters against the challenger teams from the lower pools. 7 Schwaben (GER) was more than eager to rise to the top 8, and the pre-quarter game was one of the most exciting games Otso played in the tournament. Otso had a good start with one break in the beginning, but 7 Schwaben didn't give up. Instead they took three breaks and went to the half time with two point lead 6-8. The second half didn't look good for Otso, since the Germans managed to take more breaks and putting devastating 9-13 on the score board. This was the point where everyone realized that Otso didn't come this far only to drop out from the top 8, so we put all in, and started to play like only ferocious bears can. With the hardest defence possible, Otso took a bunch of breaks and tied the score to 13-13. 7 Schwaben already started to become tired and they played a daring game, putting up hucks every time they could. Eventually the game tied to 14-14, and 7 Schwaben got the offense for the universe point. After an unlucky pull, the Germans got to start their offence on the side line only a few meters from Otso's end zone. Otso didn't give anything to 7 Schwaben, and successfully closed all the cuts in the end zone. A turn-over, and Otso took the important game 15-14!

The play-offs started with a game against Chevron Action Flash. Much like with Bad Skid, we wanted to take back the victory that we lost to these Brits last year in XEUCF. However, this was the first game of the day for Chevron, and Otso was quite tired after the tough fight against 7 Schwaben. Chevron didn't hesitate at all and took the first half with a crushing 8-2 score. On the second half Otso stepped up the game, but once again it was too late: Chevron went to top 4 with the score 15-8.

Another familiar encounter waited Saturday evening against CUSB LA FOTTA - yet another defeat that we remembered from XEUCF. The Italians moved the disc fast and were able to take the first half 7-8. On the second half Otso just made too many mistakes, and CUSB punished winning 12-15.

The final game for the 7th place was played against Flying Angels Bern. Otso came out strong in the defence throughout the whole game. Only in the beginning was FAB able to take the lead for a few points, but the first half ended 6-8 for Otso. The intensity only grew on the second half, with both teams taking breaks one after another. Otso didn't give up the lead, and scored 12-15, taking the 7th place!

This was an important tournament for Otso to grow as a team. Many of the players showed new toughness, like our new d-dog Touko Väänänen, and Jussi Kitusuo, who kept laying out for the disc both in offence and defence. It's these tough international games against varying teams from all over the world that take our team and us as individual players to the next level. We definitely belong to the top 8 in Europe, and we are ready to defend our position and challenge the teams above us. Now it's time for Otso to prepare for the winter, and start gaining the strength for the challenges next year!

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Otso finished 7th in the European Club Championship Finals in Frankfurt! The intensive final game against Flying Angels Bern finished 15-12, with OTSO dictating the pace of the game most of the time. An awesome finish for a great tournament! Keep following us for more detailed tournament report. #otsoultimate ... Näytä lisääPiilota

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Viima reached 200 likes today! Let's see if we can double it during next year.. ... Näytä lisääPiilota

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Kesän 2015 kisakalenteri alkaa hahmottua. Turnaukset löytyvät myös liiton tapahtumalakenterista.

9.5 U20-maajoukkueiden järjestämä hattuturnaus.
22.-23.5 Mixed SM
6.-7.6 Tour 1
27.-28.6 Tour 2 (alustava)
4.-5.7 Hietsu Beach Ultimate
11.7 Kalajoki Beach Ultimate
27.7-2.8 EUC
3.-9.8 EYUC
8.8 Ultimate Vantaa 2015
22.-23.8 EUCR (alustava)
29.-30.8 Tour 3
5.-6.9 junnu SM
19.9 Finaalit
2.-4.10 EUCF
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