The last Indoor Championship tournament is now over, and the positions before the finale are settled. Before the tournament the setup was totally open. All of the top four teams had the possibility to play in the season ending finale. UFO, being the tour point leader, had pretty much secured their spot in the finale, followed by Terror, Otso and Saints. By winning the previous tournament, Otso made the fight about the second position in the finale even more intense.

In the first pool game Otso faced familiar faces when the "enemy" was our second team Otso 2. Already early in the game Otso took the lead and went on all the way to secure the win.

Other pool games were against Helsinki Ultimate and Terror. Both games ended for Otso's favor 15-8. So Otso won the pool and would face UFO in the semifinal. Otso 2 lost to Terror in universe point which meant that Otso 2 would play for seeds 5-8.

In the semifinal Otso came in strong taking two break points in a row and the first half 8-5. The lead held all the way and the game ended 15-11 for Otso. Once again a tight and even game against UFO!

In the other semifinal Vaasa Saints won Terror in a tight game. Saints' victory meant that Otso had secured the spot in the grande finale against UFO in the end of March.

In the Tour final Otso was the stronger team against the tired Saints, starting the game with a 6-0 lead and the first half 8-4. Four point lead wasn't enough so we stepped up a notch and secured the win 15-8.

The "new" guys Tomi and Pasi suited perfectly to our roster. The offence game was close to perfect and defence tighter than ever. Now back to training both physically and mentally. The Grande finale is just four weeks away. We'll be ready!
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We can do better! + a 1000-point-FIREMAN!

Otso's three teams started their indoor seasons last weekend. Otso and Otso2 played in A-division and Otso3 in B-division.

A-division had grown from five to eight teams and format from round robin to tournament type with two pools, semis and finals. Weekend started with the classic Otso-Otso2 game and as the previous ones, this one was a thriller too. Otso started with 5-1 lead as Otso2 was still sleepy and struggling with their offence. After timeout they managed to tie the game 5-5 and shortly the lead. On the second half the teams were basically trading points, but Otso2 managed to score the last point and take the win.

To avoid long post here is the results of other pool games and short comments. We'll get back to story telling once it gets interesting:

Otso2 - Saints 13 - 10 // Good game, nice spirit
LeKi - Otso 9 - 15 // Antti Elonheimo woke up
LeKi - Otso2 11 - 15 // More flat, less indoor.

So as Otso2 won all pool games was the second semifinal spot decided between Vaasa Saints and Otso. Both teams having only seven players in roster and the fact that this was the third and most important game of the day made this a battle of will. First half teams traded points until right before the half time Otso found an extra gear to take two break points to win the half. On the second half Saints managed to shock Otso's normally steady offence and forced them to make mistakes. Despite the cheer and help from the sideline by Otso2, Saints took the game and semifinal spot and sent Otso to play for 5th-8th placements.

In semifinal Otso2 played against last years National final opponent Turku Terror Ultimate. In previous encounters they had been really close to win but Otso had always come back in the last minutes. This time Otso2 didn't... Turku had a thight defence which made Otso2 to do lots of errors in offence. Combined with the D they played very solid offence with accurate throws to goal. Otso2's defence tried everything but 4 point lead from first half was enough for Turku to play freely and self-confidently. Hard fight till the end but Terrot took the well deserved win and a chance to play for the tourmanet win.

In bronze game Otso2 met Vaasa Saints again in a game that felt and was very similar as the pool game. Few point lead from the first half held till the end and Otso2 took the bronze from the first tournament of the National series. Meantime Otso played solid second day with 30-8 goal difference and taking the 5th place.

In the B-divison Otso3 - filled with future stars - played bravely in the pool games winning 2/3 games but suffered losses in playoffs on Sunday to the same teams they won on Saturday. That meant relegation to C-division for the next tournament. Close but no cigar.

Lot to improve in the upcoming tournaments.

By the way, what a debut in Otso3 for Mikko Nietosvaara. 5 games 1 assist and 26 goals.

As good as Mikko's performance was the MAN OF THE WEEKEND -award goes to our very own firefighter Roni Hotari who made his 1000th point. In only 240 games. Do the math. #beastmode #goat #otsoultimate

Photo: Tuukka Koistinen
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Not the finish we'd expected.

One could think that you would learn from your mistakes - but no. Otso gave yet another 4-0 head start, this time against Ragnarok, and things got difficult. Otso put a star line up in, and recovered to 4-3 and even got a 5-7 lead. This gave a confidence boost to keep fighting, but after a moment in the lead, Ragnarok managed to take the first half.

In the second half Otso gave all they had in defence, but really struggled in the offence against Ragnarok's zone defence in the windy conditions. The Danish deserved their win, and Otso finished 12th in the tournament.

Even though Otso didn't perform according to the expectations, the tournament was a fantastic experience, with a lot of promise for the future. The bears will return, stay alert!
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SM -sarja avattu komealla 3. sijalla!

Viikonlopun peleissä kokoonpanot ja fokus vaihtelivat. Pronssiotteluun mennessä yhteispeli kuitenkin löytyi ja 14-13 voittoon noustiin 11-13 takaa-ajo tilanteesta. Viimeisen pelin pistetehtailuun Viima osallistui myös koko rosterillaan!
Kiitos vahvistukset Heidi ja Minttu! Tästä on hyvä jatkaa seuraavalle Tourille 💪👊 #viimaultimate
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U17-sarja on saatu päätökseen Iittalan pimenevässä illassa. Pronssiottelusta tuli oikea jännitysnäytelmä, kun T.U.F.F. Y voitti ViRHeen 7-6. Finaalissa kullan vei suvereenisti T.U.F.F. X pistein 13-2. Hopealle ylsi JSW. U17-sarjan viides oli Helsinki Ultimate ja kuudes LeKi. Finaalin arvokkaimpana pelaajana palkittiin T.U.F.F. X:n Pinja Jaskari. Vuoden junioriliitokiekkoilijan tunnustus myönnettiin JSW:n Emmastiina Salmelalle.

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